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The Westork community helps you to get anything you want from abroad

The Chinese stamp that was missing to your collection, authentic alpaga wool from Peru… each trip is an occasion to get something out of reach.


How it works ?

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Westork is the opportunity to help collectors as well as expatriates in need of their favorite goods. How? By connecting them with the community of travelers who can bring them these products. Westork is a way to share adventures between travel enthusiasts and object-lovers.

It is also an opportunity to reduce travel costs thanks to the bonus received for each object brought back.

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Westork for everyone

  • All products of the world at your reach
  • earn money through your trips
  • save money on everything you buy

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  • all profils reviewed
  • securise payment (paypal)
  • Compliance with customs regulations
  • a dedicated team to help you out

A few words from our community

Thanks to Westork, i was able to get from Bali, the Endek fabric for my new summer dress :) Melanie @ 2016-11-24, 09:21
What a great website to buy goods all around the world Yannick @ 2016-11-24, 09:08