Knowledge Base - How to make an offer ?


How to make an offer to buy a product ?

Westork tutorial



With Westork, all the goods of the world are at your reach, but how can you get the one you really want ?

This tutoral will guide you step by step through an example


1. Identify the country where your product can be found and look for travel ads to this country

EX : I look for a carnival mask, it can be found in Italy

2. Clic on the travel ad corresponding to your search, contact the traveler and make an offer

  1. « Get in contact » and exchange by email regarding the details of your order : object, price, bonus, delivery options (face to face ?)
  2. « Make an offer» : confirm the details of the object wanted and confirm the total amount of the order (price + bonus + 8% service fee).

3 .The Traveler is notified by email, he accepts or declines the offer by connecting on his account


The traveler connects on Westork : My account / offer received, he accepts or declines the offer and adds a message before sending his response.


4.You receive a notification by email regarding the status of your offer, If it’s accepted login on your account and pay for the order

5. The traveler receives a notification confirming the payment, he can leave on his trip and buy the product

The payment is secured on Westork paypal account and released by the buyer upon delivery


6. You received your product, login to your account / offer submitted and confirm the service to release the payment and refund the traveler

7. The traveler asks to be refunded and get his bonus by connecting on his account