Knowledge Base - PRICE, BONUS and FEE

How do I determine the price of the object i want ?

First you have to make your own investigation regarding the price of the product in the country it can be found. Check on the websites, or maybe you already know in which shop it can be found as well as its price.


How do I determine the bonus for the traveler ?

The bonus for the traveler is up to you, but keep in mind that the traveler is going to spend time looking for your product, he is going to advance the money and will have to meet you to give it to you, the incentive should cover the time spent by the traveler to find this product for you.


Westork Fees

Westork is a collaborative platform enabling a buyer to contact a traveler to get any object from the country visited. In order to guarantee the maintenance of the website and that your experience of Westork is the best possible, we charge fees for each order completed. Our fee is set at 8% of the total amount negotiated.


You determined the price of the product and the bonus, now you should add the 8% fee (this fee will be deduced of the total amount when the traveler will be refunded).

To Sum up, when proposing a price for a product, the total amount paid should include: the cost of the product + the traveler's bonus + 8% platform fee.


When do I Pay the order ?

Once you agreed with the traveler and that he accepted to carry your order for the proposed price (Price + Bonus + fee), you can proceed to the payment of the total amount directly through the form on Westork. When payment is done, your money remains on Westork Paypal account. The traveler receives a notification that Westork received the payment, the traveler can now buy your product.


At Westork we identified 2 kinds of travelers spirit:

The Samaritan:
He is usually part of your very close family or family circle. He can also be a total stranger that will be happy to help, gratefulness is the only reward that counts. The price of the bonus is simply to cover its possible expenses (the cost of delivery if it’s done by post mail, Westork 8% fee, eventual customs duties)

The Opportunist:

He wants to make money from his travels, he knows that his spare room in his luggage is valuable. He will be ready to help and get you what you want if the bonus is interesting enough for him, especially if the product you want is much less expensive in the country he travels to.