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For reasons of security and confidence it is worth recalling this:

- If you do not feel comfortable with a transaction, do not accept it, take the time to check the user's profile (references are made for that!).
- Delivery meeting : If the buyer is not in your immediate circle, we advise you to meet in a public place where you will feel most comfortable.
As a result, you will not disclose any personal information that you consider sensitive during the negotiation phase (address, telephone number, etc.). 


When to talk about delivery ?

It's important to talk about the delivery method during the negotiation process (BEFORE CONFIRMING THE ORDER). Most of the time, buyer and traveler live in the same city which eases the delivery of the object. But if you live far away you will probably have to send the object via postmail, thus the delivery costs should be anticipated and added to the total amount of the order.


How to deliver?

We recommend 3 simple and secure ways :

-  Face to Face
A physical meeting that you set while you are negotiating the order on the platform with the buyer.

Taking a picture/selfy of the buyer and yourself with the product is a nice way to keep memories of these moments as well as a proof that the meeting and delivery was done.

-  Recorded delivery

You can ship the parcel at the nearest post office through recorded delivery with tracking number. Give the tracking number to the buyer through WestorK social network. Upon receipt, the buyer validates the delivery and you will receive a notification

- Pickup Point
The traveler goes to the nearest pickup points to drop off the parcel. tracking details can be given to the buyer on WestorK social network. The buyer receives his package at the selected pickup point, which will validate the delivery.

The most popular and secured networks in France are :

La navette pickup


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