Knowledge Base - COMMUNITY RULES

Welcome to the Westork community!

Westork is a service of mutual assistance between people of the community composed of travelers and buyers. Here, you can share your personal stories, or experiences, your photos or your comments on the opportunities offered by the travelers.

Trust is important, that is why we created this collaborative service including a social network enabling to communicate and create confidence among users.

Westork team strives to create the conditions of confidence, respect and goodwill among all people on the platform. Thus, we thank you for following the few rules below which will give you the chance to have the best experience possible on Westork.


Share authentic information

Your profile details should be real as well as your travel routes. We build trust through a community of real people and real travel routes. Your profil could be deleted in case of abuse


Be irreproachable, respect the law !

Be sure to comply with customs regulations, do not carry items that may not be allowed to or from wherever you might be traveling to or from. Don't carry anything that you haven't checked first, do not carry sealed items.

Be friendly and respect other members of the community

Stay nice with other members of the community, any inappropriate behavior (insults, threats, etc) will be sanctioned.


Promote travel and only travel

WestorK is an international community with a wide range of users, this is why the various content posted will have to be related to travel exclusively. Any other subject with other character will be moderated and member will be warned.