Knowledge Base - HOW TO ORDER


Negotiation between traveler and buyer

First, a traveler post an ad for his travel (dates, destination, description of the trip and eventually goods he proposes to bring back from abroad)

The buyer connects and identifies the trips that match the products country of origin and eventually the city to which the buyer wants to be delivered.

The buyer contacts the traveler and give him all information regarding the object he would like :

    • As many details as possible regarding the nature of the product (size, color, where to buy it, kind of materials, etc)
    • The price he is willing to pay, the bonus for the traveler and not to forget the 8% fee of service fee
    • The way the object will be delivered : meeting face to face ; mailpost delivery (in order to anticipate the delivery costs)
    • Eventually tax and customs

Tips for Travelers: Make sure you have exact references before buying the product. Take the time to discuss with the buyer, do not hesitate to ask as many questions as possible.


Order on Westork

When the traveler accepts to take care of the purchase and delivery of the order, the buyer is invited to pay for the order (through Paypal), a confirmation is sent to the traveler. Westork Paypal account is credited of the total amount the buyer and the traveler settled for (price of the product + bonus + 8% service fee).

  • A payment confirmation is sent to the traveler, he can now buy the product
  • When returning from his trip, the traveler has a 4 week delay to deliver the object.
  • The delivery is done. The buyer has to connect on Westork and clic on "product delivered" button. The traveler receives an email with  a link to connect to his account and ask for the wiretransfer on his Paypal account, he will then be credited of the net amount agreed (minus the 8% service fees)


Reimbursement Cases

Canceled travel: inability to travel.

Order could not be carried on: not had time to carry out the service during the trip.

Product not consistent with the order:  The product is not consistent with the features required during the negotiation process. If this happens, contact us as soon as possible so that we can find a way out.